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Time plays a factor in your health and your smile. In fact, over time, your teeth can naturally begin to fade or discolor. To make things more difficult for your white smile, foods, and drinks we consume each day can also lead to substantial staining and discoloration in your teeth. Luckily, by understanding these items, you can take the extra steps needed to clean your teeth and help prevent staining or discoloration.

Our dentist, Dr. Tom Supakorndej, understands the need for a beautiful white and bright smile. Thankfully, Diamond Dental in Austin, Texas, is happy to share information with you on the foods and drinks you should be aware of.

Here are some tasty consumables that can stain your teeth:

– Tea: Tea is a known product for discoloring your teeth.
– Coffee: Coffee has known tooth-staining properties.
– Tomato sauce: It is possible tomatoes can stain your teeth due to their bright red pigment and acidic levels.
– Balsamic vinegar: Vinegar is dark in color and can stained teeth.
– Sodas: Beyond other oral health risks, sodas can stain your teeth.
– Red wine: Red wine can stain teeth.
– White wine: White wine is often more acidic than red wine and can cause more discolorations.
– Berries: Several substances in berries can stick to your teeth and stain them.
– Curry: Curry has a yellow hue that can stick to your teeth and cause staining.

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