A Dental Bridge Might Be Affected by Poor Oral Hygiene Practices

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A dental bridge is sometimes used by a dentist like Dr. Tom Supakorndej to replace a tooth lost to a severe oral trauma or an untreated case of tooth decay. This single piece of dental work consists of a replicate tooth anchored to a pair of dental crowns.

While it is impervious to tooth decay a dental bridge and the anchoring abutments within can still be affected by chronic poor oral hygiene practices

If you fail to brush your teeth and dental bridge every morning and night, or you sometimes forget to floss at least once each day, hardened tartar could start to develop on a base of the dental bridge near the gumline. This could significantly increase your chances of suffering from periodontal disease complications.

In time untreated periodontal disease could potentially weaken the integrity of the anchoring abutments holding your dental bridge in your mouth. Over time it could also cause a depletion of bone structure at the roots of the abutments.

If you are having trouble cleaning an area around your dental bridge, a special oral hygiene tool like an interdental brush, dental water flosser device, or a floss threader might help you effectively clean away plaque and residual food particles.  

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