Are you sick of your dentures? Permanently replace your appliance with implant-supported dentures! 

With implant-supported dentures, you can replace a full arch of teeth using only a few implants, giving you a permanent, stable, and beautiful solution for your smile. Implant-supported dentures are more stable and better for your oral health than traditional dentures, and less invasive and more cost-effective than replacing all your teeth with single-tooth implants, making this the perfect solution for replacing multiple teeth.

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Implant-supported dentures are very similar in appearance to regular removeable dentures. However, unlike traditional dentures, they are stabilized and anchored in place using dental implants. This ensures that your dentures do not come loose and “float” around your mouth, and enables you to chew and speak with comfortably and with confidence.

The first step in receiving an implant-supported denture is placing the implants. You will require 4, 6, or 8 implants to hold your dentures in place. The implants will be surgically inserted into your jawbone, where they will fuse with the bone to provide a stable, supportive foundation. After you have healed from your surgery, your dentures will be attached on top of the implants. In many cases, we can even retrofit your existing denture to attach to the implant, eliminating the need for you to get an entirely new appliance.

With implant-supported dentures, you should experience exceptional stability as well as an improved quality of life through your ability to eat and speak with greater ease. Many patients who receive this treatment commend that their implant-supported dentures look, feel, and function like their natural teeth.

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