Bone grafting – a solution for supporting your implants and other restorations

When you lose a tooth or develop gums disease, the bone tissue supporting your teeth can resorb or deteriorate. When this happens, you need a bone grafting treatment to help you regain enough healthy bone tissue to support your teeth or dental implant.

Bone grafting works to integrate donor bone tissue and increase the supporting bone in the areas affected by tooth loss or gum disease, thus providing greater support and increasing the likelihood that your treatments will be successful.

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Bone grafting is required when your jawbone is not thick or dense enough to provide support for your teeth, dental implants, or another restorative procedure. There are two main type of bone grafting – ridge augmentation and sinus lifts. Ridge augmentation typically refers to bone grafts performed on the lower jaw, while sinus lifts describe bone grafting treatments performed to the upper jaw.

When you receive a bone graft, Dr. Tom Supakorndej will take donor tissue and transplant it into your jawbone. The best results come when we use bone taken from your own body. If this is not an option, however, we can use bone material taken from a tissue bank or artificial bone material. After your treatment, the natural and grafted bone material integrate and grow together to give you back a healthy, strong, and stable foundation for your teeth.

Bone grafting is most frequently performed in preparation for implant treatments, but may also be recommended as part of a periodontal treatment after gum disease has destroyed your supporting bone tissue.

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