Replacing, Repairing, and Strengthening Your Teeth – How Can a Crown or Bridge Help  You? 

Diamond Dental Family and Implant Dentistry offers high-quality dental crowns and bridges in Austin, Texas, to restore your smile. Our crowns and bridges are made from a variety of materials, and when you visit our dentist we will help you select the type of crown or bridges that best meets your needs.

Dental crowns are provided to cover your damaged tooth, restoring the shape and appearance of the tooth, strengthening it, and preventing further damage from occurring. Dental bridges are prosthetic teeth, and close the gap in your smile that results from a missing tooth. Bridges are anchored to an adjacent tooth with a dental crown to ensure a stable solution.

Diamond Dental Family and Implant Dentistry also offers same-day emergency care. If your bridge or crown breaks or comes loose, contact us immediately. We can usually meet with you the same day to repair the damage and help keep your smile healthy. 

To learn more about crowns and bridges and make your appointment with Dr. Tom Supakorndej, please call us today at 512-351-9313.

crown1High Detail All-Porcelain Crowns, The Beauty Queen

Our High Detail crowns are one of the favorites for people who demand superior aesthetics. It offers a very natural appearance and high translucency similar to natural teeth. They are the preferred crowns for front teeth, because they sure to give a lasting impression every time you smile. At Diamond Dental Family and Implant Dentistry in Austin, Texas, we use only high quality labs that create superior quality crowns, and warranty is offered by the lab for up to 5 years.

crown2Brawn and Beauty, Best-In-Class Beauty with Fracture Resistance

As a dentist serving Austin’s high demands and taste, we are proud to offer one of dentistry’s best. Decades of research has created high strength crowns that deliver uncompromised beauty. Maximal aesthetics, strong, translucent, all-ceramic teeth. A natural appearance is achieved through exceptional shade matching, color balance with subtle contrast. Compared to traditional crowns, there is no grey metal show through if the gums recede as we age. This product proudly offers a 5 year warranty by the manufacturer.

crown3BruxZir, Uncompromising Strength

BruxZir crowns and bridges are made from virtually unbreakable, biocompatible medical grade zirconia – the same material used to make bullet-proof military armor. BruxZir has no porcelain overlay, making it more resistant to chipping, cracking, or breaking in the mouth. It is ideal for bruxers and grinders, who have broken their natural teeth or previous porcelain restorations in the past.

crown4Gold Crowns, A Traditional Favorite

Gold is the material of choice for those in-the-know. A popular choice among dentists and dental students. It is unbreakable and has hardness similar to natural teeth. Thus, it minimizes wear and tear to opposing teeth. Did you know that actor Mark Wahlberg has a gold crown? Watch “Planet of the Apes” carefully, and you may see a yellow sparkle at tooth #3.

For more information about our crowns and bridges, please contact our office today and schedule an appointment with our dentist.