3-dimensional digital imaging to give you a more effective treatment

When planning your implant placement or other surgical procedures, our dentist uses a 3D cone beam scanner to examine your entire jaw in great detail and determine the best location for the surgery. Cone beam imaging produces highly detailed images of your entire jaw, giving us a much better understanding of your oral health and where your implants should be place.

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3D cone beam imaging technology produces accurate reconstructions of your teeth, mouth, neck, ears, nose, and throat. This comprehensive view of your jaws and face makes it incredibly easy for our dentist to plan treatments and diagnose dental problems.

Some of the things which Dr. Tom Supakorndej may use a 3D imaging for include:

  • Planning an implant placement surgery
  • Performing a thorough examination of your jaws and face
  • Diagnosing tooth decay
  • Diagnosing endodontic problems
  • Planning root canal procedures
  • Analyzing dental and facial trauma
  • Planning and monitoring orthodontic treatment
  • Visualizing abnormal teeth
  • Diagnosing a TMJ (jaw joint) disorder

While a 3D image may seem like overkill when planning your treatments, the benefits of a complete view of your mouth and jaw cannot be overstated. A more comprehensive view means a better understanding of your oral health, which in turn leads to treatments that are tailored more closely to your unique needs and which are more effective.

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