1/2 Price Wisdom Teeth Removal. Done same day.

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The top reasons many patients choose us over everyone else:

1) Our prices are on the lower end. We’re able to take out impacted teeth, and we can do it the same day.

2) We’re a comprehensive care facility. We can perform and treat everything. Many patients get fillings done prior to having their wisdoms out. Everything can be done all at once, so they wouldn’t have to see the dentist again until the next check-up.

3) Your pain may not be wisdom-related, but we can address it. Many patients come to us for wisdom pain, but they learn it’s actually the next tooth over, or something else. We’re able to address ANY tooth problem and can perform ANY procedure, which is not possible at oral surgery clinics.

We’re not a volume clinic and can only perform a few surgeries per day.


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Wisdom Teeth Removal


Need your wisdom teeth removed? Many patients have save thousands, compared to the oral surgeon.

We can perform virtually 100% of cases that come in, including impacted wisdom teeth.

We also offer oral sedation if you want to be relaxed during the procedure.

Pricing and The Process to Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

1) The patient first comes in for an exam and x-ray. During the exam, we will take x-rays and determine the classification of the wisdom teeth.

2) Prices are given at the exam.

3) Most patients get their wisdom teeth taken out on the same day.

4) Bring in a price quote from a local oral surgeon, and we’ll beat that price.


What problems can wisdom teeth cause?

  • Wisdom teeth on the top can cause localized pain if they get cavities on them.
  • Wisdom teeth on the top can press against the gums on the jaw, causing pain in the back region of the mouth.
  • Wisdom teeth on the bottom tend to cause gum infections. Food tends to get trapped in the gum pockets and can’t be cleaned. This leads to bad breath and foul taste in your mouth.
  • When lower wisdom teeth cause more severe gum disease (a condition called “periodontitis“), a person may experience pain in other areas of the face. They may experience difficulty opening the jaw (a condition called “trismus“) If the infection is more severe, there may be pain radiating the side of her face – from the bottom of the jaw to the top side of her face. The wisdom teeth MUST come out immediately once this happens.

If you need your wisdom teeth removed, we are able to help. We are able to remove the vast majority of wisdom teeth we see without having to refer to the oral surgeon. This saves you time and money. And of course, sedation is available should you feel like you need it.