Diamond Dental – Each Patient Gets 1-on-1 Individual Attention with the Dentist

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Our philosophy is, spend time with each patient and get incredible results.


We’re completely different from anyone else out there:

  1. All major procedures get 1-on-1 time with the dentist. We see one patient at a time.
  2. We have a small dental team that is focused on delivering LASTING RESULTS.
  3. We accept all PPO dental insurances. If you have certain plans, like Team Care, then all your treatment may be covered 100%, without any payment from you. This includes cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals,…etc.
  4. Our prices are market price or lower.
  5. We can complete all procedures without referring you out.

We can handle any procedure, including:

  1. Crowns and bridge
  2. Smile transformations and cosmetic dentistry
  3. Wisdom teeth removal, including impacted teeth.
  4. Root canals
  5. Braces
  6. Broken or missing teeth
  7. Dental implants.