Replacing Missing or Bad Teeth with Dental Implants

We focus on replacing bad or missing teeth with implant teeth, not dentures.

All-on-Four and other All-on implants are dentures. They can be cost-effective, but they’re also plastic teeth. Make sure you visit multiple doctors and clinics so that you fully understand the pro’s and con’s of each options.

Our Dental Implants Don’t Fail

We have virtually 100% success rate in dental implants in many years, because we use scientifically studied methods and materials.

More about our success in dental implants.

The science, the surgical technique, the brand, the materials. We’ve chosen everything that has produced the best, longest-lasting results. You – the patient – don’t have to do any further research. Book your implant exam and CT scan, and see what we can do for you.


Finding a Good Doctor is Critical in Dental Implant Success

Click HERE to see some errors in dental implant cases.

Dr Tom Supakorndej graduated from the University of California in San Francisco, a National Top 5 Medical University. He uses proven surgical techniques that has produced the best and longest lasting results.


Replace missing teeth with implant teeth, not dentures.

Example Case.

Careful planning before placing the dental implants.

Dental Implants Austin Tx Diamond Dental

Routine Case, Zero Degradation Years Later

We performed the lower 4 implants. We made them hygienic (easy to clean by the patient) and ultra strong. All the preparation and strategic thinking to make them last forever was done here. The patient shouldn’t have to find out years later why their implant failed.

Be a smart patient.

How long do you want your dental implant to last? A few years or a few decades?

The cheapest thing you can do for your body is to have a dental implant done properly the first time around. A well-done dental implant can last many decades. Our implants show little to no bone loss, even after many years. That’s the #1 indication of quality work.  If you’re shopping around for dental implants, these are the questions you should be asking:

1) What system do you use? Do you use name brand or a generic?…generic parts can lead to early implant failure.

2) Do you use compatible parts or authentic parts? …authentic parts can make an dental implant last approximately twice as long.

3) Do you send out the case to a lab? …all labs use off-brand parts to save them money. However, this increases the implant failure rate.

Shopping around for price is often a big mistake. Instead, find someone who does a great job.