Free Dental Implants in Austin TX


This is Dr. Tom, and I’ve put together the lowest priced dental implant deal available in Austin, Tx. Free. This special will end once our current stock of dental implants is gone. This special is unadvertised, and you must print out this webpage to receive the promo.

You will get a brand name, premium dental implant completely free when you buy an abutment and crown. This includes the top brands like Nobel Biocare. That’s a savings of over two thousand dollars per tooth. The abutment and crown must be purchased prior to receiving the free dental implant placement. No refunds offered if you decide to not proceed with the abutment and crown.

The exam fee is waived, but a 3D x-ray is required, which is $100. Patients will qualify for the free implant deal if they have enough bone and space to receive the implant. Not all patients are candidates for implants.

If you need additional bone grafting, we have special grafting offers:

1) Sinus lifts have a market value of $2000, and we offer this procedure at half price, of $1000.
2) Our regular bone augmentation price is $1395, but we can offer this procedure to you at $700 with your free dental implant deal.

To make an appointment for this deal, please call us at 512-351-9313 or make an appointment online. No-shows will not be tolerated and will void participation to our clinic.