Signs You May Need Braces

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It’s natural to wonder if you need braces, especially if you feel your smile is not as aesthetic as it could be. There are many reasons your smile may need braces, and Dr. Tom Supakorndej and our team can help you determine if you meet any of the criteria.

You can examine your own smile to decide if braces would benefit you, but you should also seek out a professional opinion and recommendations on orthodontic treatment. We invite you to contact Diamond Dental Family And Implant Dentistry and schedule a consultation with us!

Prior to your visit, you can identify some of the oral concerns that need braces by examining your smile for these characteristics:

• Crooked/overlapping teeth
• Crowded teeth
• Unattractive gaps between teeth
• Missing adult teeth
• Too many teeth
• Upper arch extends beyond the lower arch (overbite)
• Lower arch extends beyond the upper arch (underbite)
• Misaligned jaw position
• Jaw joint issues such as chronic jaw pain, popping, locking, or grinding sensation

Children who need braces may experience different signs, and you can examine their smiles for signs such as:

• Irregular loss of baby teeth, such as too early or too late
• Crowded/overlapping adult teeth
• Crooked adult teeth
• Tendency to bite their cheek
• Difficulty chewing
• Spaces between teeth
• Disproportionate teeth and jaws, such as a narrow arch or a small jaw
• Frequent jaw pain or tooth pain
• Overbite or underbite

We invite you to call our office at 512-351-9313 today if you are interested in learning more about dental problems that require braces. Schedule a time to speak with our dentist in Austin, Texas, to learn if you or your child could benefit from orthodontic care.