The Nature of Fluoride

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A significant amount of research on fluoride has found that adding proper amounts to your oral hygiene routine can improve your tooth enamel. Fluoride is found naturally in certain resources such as water sources or added to dental products. If you don’t have access to fluoridated tap water, you may not be receiving the proper amounts of fluoride. We invite you to learn more about fluoridate and how you can increase your fluoride intake if needed.

Your tooth enamel consists of a mineral crystalline structure that can be weakened by certain acidic foods and the natural bacteria in your mouth–a process known as demineralization. Reintroducing proper amounts of fluoride through your water or products such as fluoride toothpaste can restore these minerals to your smile through remineralization.

Every day, your tooth enamel loses minerals and gains on a microscopic level, and as long as your teeth receive more fluoride than they lose, they become stronger and are to develop cavities or other dental health problems.

If you don’t drink fluoridated water, you may need to consider alternative fluoride sources such as prescription gels, tablets or foams, or receiving in-office fluoride treatment through your dentist and team. Please contact Diamond Dental Family And Implant Dentistry at 512-351-9313 if you have questions about fluoride treatment in Austin, Texas, and would like to speak with our dentist, Dr. Tom Supakorndej.