Caring for Dental Implants

How do you care for dental implants after you just had them placed by your dentist?

Cleanliness is key! The following few weeks after you’ve gotten your dental implants placed, bacteria infection is one of the top reasons why you could lose your dental implant. You’ll know that your dental implant has failed, because it’ll start moving. It’ll wobble within your bone.

To prevent this, your oral hygiene has to be top notch. Brush your teeth often, and use mouthwash. Avoid smoking, as lots of dirt and debris can come from cigarettes.

Lastly, your doctor should have put you on antibiotics and a special mouth rinse called chlorhexidine.

How do you care for dental implants longterm?

Dental implants still have to be kept clean. Brush and floss them as you would a regular tooth. However, the gums will be the hardest area to clean. All the infections in dental implants occur at the gum and bone levels.

At home, you must use mouthwash or any liquid form of cleaner. Salt water is good too. Swish very well around the implant, since you’re useing a liquid to clean under the gums. This will help prevent a gum infection known as mucositis, which is the form of gum infection often found around dental implants.

Outside the home, you must see your dentist regularly. A cleaning every six months will help keep your dental implants healthy. They will perform what’s called an “implant debridement,” which removed debris and build-up around the implant. This can only be done adequately at the dentist’s office, so caring for your dental implant requires regular visits to the dentist.